IELTS speaking test UK | hometown, sports, gifts, charity

IELTS speaking test questions from an IELTS test recently in the UK.

Part 1 IELTS speaking test UK

What is your name?
Where are you from?
Did you learn the history of your home town in school?
What is your home town noted for?
What sports did you play as a child?
Do boys and girls play the same sports?
Would you encourage your children to play sports in the future and why?

Part 2 IELTS speaking test UK

Describe a gift you have bought for someone. Please say:
  • - What kind of gift was it?
    - Why did you choose this gift?
    - Do you think the person liked the gift?
    - Do you think it’s easy to buy gifts for people and why?

Part 3 IELTS speaking test UK

Do you think it’s easier to buy gifts for men or women?
Do you buy gifts on the internet and do you think it’s easier?
When was the last time you received a gift?
Why do you think people donate to charity?
Do you donate to charity?
Do you think the need for financial accountability is a factor in donation to charity?
Do you think the need to donate to charities would increase in the future?

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