IELTS Speaking Band 9 Sample Answer | Describe an Adventurous Person You Know

This sample answer is for an IELTS Part 2 question asked in an IELTS speaking interview in Poland recently.

Describe an adventurous person that you know or read about. Please say:
  • Who is this person?
  • Why do you find him/her an adventurer?
  • What can you learn from him/her?

Describe An Adventurous Person - IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

I think one of the most adventurous people I have ever met has to be my grandfather. He has travelled all over the world in his lifetime. He spent many years in the navy, when he was younger, and spent time posted in various different overseas bases.

But the really surprising thing is he still continues travelling today … ok not as much as before, but now he’s like 65 years old. A couple of months ago he went on a trip to Egypt with a friend of his. Strangely enough, during all his time in the Navy, he never visited Egypt before and he had always wanted to see the pyramids. He spent about a month there, and saw everything … visiting all the usual archaeological sites and things like that.

I really admire him for getting out and about at his age. He’s always been very active and somehow I don’t think he’s ever going to change … it’s in his blood. He’s a great example of what you can do … or what you can achieve if you really want to. He’s done so much in his life it amazes me sometimes. When he was younger, he learned to fly a plane, then helicopters and he also used to race cars, but never professionally. He can ride a horse, he can ski, he can sail, and in fact he still has a small yacht which he takes out sometimes in the summer when the weather is nice. He speaks four or five languages really well and at the moment he’s trying to learn Mandarin … he just never stops doing things … he’s always trying something new. Whenever I talk to him he always surprises me with his latest ‘little project’. I hope that when I’m his age I have the same zest for life and adventurous spirit as he does.

If there’s one thing he’s taught me - and it’s probably the most important of all - is that you can do anything you want in life, if you put your mind to it and are determined. You have to be patient sometimes, but it’s never too late to learn something new, if you are really interested in it.

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