IELTS Speaking Test Saudi Arabia & Sample Answer

IELTS Saudi Arabia sample speaking answer

IELTS speaking test Saudia Arabia| Talk baout an educational TV program

This IELTS speaking sample answer is for an IELTS speaking part 2 question asked in Saudi Arabia recently.

Talk about an educational program on TV. Please say
  • What is the program about?
  • How did you find that program?
  • Why did you like/dislike this program?

Model answer:

Nowadays there are many different educational programs available on TV and also on the internet. Some of them are targeted specifically at children, others for adults, broadcast by universities and other organizations based on a particular theme or topic.

I’d like to talk about one of my favorites - Nat Geo TV. You could say it’s not really a TV program, rather a series of programs on a TV channel, but for me it’s on of the best options.

They provide programs on a wide variety of topics and have different styles of programs such as; interviews with politicians and celebrities, scientific and historical documentaries and so on.

One of the things I like most about Nat Geo TV is that whenever I have some free time I can just select the program I want to watch and there’s always something that catches my attention. Another big plus is that there is no terrible commercial advertising which interrupts the programs – that’s something I hate on the commercial TV channels – one of the reasons why I really don’t watch regular TV anymore – there are just too many interruptions for stupid commercials and advertisements for other programs – I find it really annoying.

I became aware of Nat Geo TV while looking for some information on the internet a while ago. It was quite by accident – but I was immediately impressed. Nat Geo has always had a reputation for quality publishing based on its long history of the National Geographic magazine and the TV shows are high quality too.

As I said there are various reasons why I like Nat Geo TV, among them the fact that there’s no commercial advertising, the variety of programs and the fact that I always learn something new. It really is ‘an education’ watching some of the programs - and they always seem to choose the most interesting topics to cover.

One example of a program I saw recently was Doomsday Earth; it was about the likelihood of the planet being struck by both a mega-tsunami and a mega-quake. It was very interesting - as they described how it seems that a giant fault line beneath the sea is readying itself for a violent explosion of activity - and the race is on to calculate when rather than if, this 'megathrust' will do its worst. They focused on the trend that has seen the Earth struck by a series of devastating natural disasters - and they predicted that the worst could still be yet to come.

Very educational – and thought provoking also.

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