IELTS Online Speaking Practice

Developing Critical IELTS Speaking Skills Online

Practice makes perfect! You only get improved fluency and confidence speaking in English by practicing speaking in English. This is probably the most important aspect of improving your IELTS Speaking skills.

Even if you don’t have advanced level grammar and vocabulary you can still learn to express yourself in a good way, feel confident and interact in a natural manner during the IELTS Speaking test.

You can learn what type of IELTS Speaking questions are common and prepare yourself ready to answer them.

To achieve a good score in IELTS Speaking you need to be able to listen carefully to the questions and develop good, appropriate answers. Becoming familiar with the format of the IELTS Speaking test is the best way to gain confidence and help you improve your IELTS Speaking performance.

Some IELTS speaking skills you need to develop are:
  • Being able to think and plan your answers quickly
  • Respond in a natural manner
  • Express your thoughts/opinions on a variety of topics
  • Become more fluent
  • Fully develop responses in part 2 & part 3
  • Demonstrate a wide range of grammar structures
  • Demonstrate topical and less common vocabulary
  • Have good pronunciation
  • Organize your speech in a natural way

Find IELTS Speaking Practice Online

All these skills will help you get the highest score in the IELTS Speaking test. Look for IELTS speaking groups online to get more specific IELTS speaking practice.

There are also lots of people who make their own groups in their country because they can share more.

Why not start your own Online IELTS Speaking Practice group? using Skype or try searching IELTS Speaking Practice Group on Skype (you need to sign in with your Skype account). Go to Skype and then Skype Community into the English section and search 'IELTS Speaking Practice Group on Skype' ... it's easy!

Google Hangouts is also a great way to improve you speaking confidence and practice for IELTS if you want to start your own IELTS speaking practice group online.

Use the sample IELTS Speaking Test questions in books like Cambridge IELT 9 Practice Tests or the IELTS Official Practice Materials. You can practice with a partner and record your responses and then listen to yourself to improve your answer.

See sample answers for the IELTS Speaking Test