IELTS common mistakes | Nouns with no plural form

IELTS Grammar | examples of nouns in English with no plural form.

I don't have many time to complete my assignment [incorrect]
I don't have much time to complete myassignment [correct]

When I did a search on my computer. I could only find a few informations about the topic [incorrect]
When I did a search on my computer. I could only find a little information about the topic [correct]

Some nouns in English are 'uncountable'. This means they do not have a plural form. Some common uncountable nouns are: advice, advertising, food, furniture, garbage, information, knowledge, money, shopping, time, traffic, travel.

With uncountable nouns, you must use:

• the singular form: food, information, money
• a little / amount of / much / some: How much money do you have? The amount of traffic on the roads is increasing each year.
• a singular verb: There was already a little furniture in the flat.

If a noun is uncountable, you cannot use:

• a plural form: advices, furnitures, garbages, informations, knowledges
• a/an: an advice, a garbage, a knowledge
• a few / many / number of: a few shopping, many traffic, the number of knowledge
• a number: three travels, four furniture
• a plural verb: There were a little furniture in the flat.

If you want to add a number to an uncountable noun, you can use: a piece of /some / a few pieces of
Example: a piece of advice, three pieces of furniture, a few pieces of garbage

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