Download IELTS Band Score Descriptors | How to Get IELTS Band 7.5

Download IELTS score descriptors

The Golden Rule is "Always give the monkey exactly what he wants".

If a monkey asks for a banana, you must give him a banana and not an apple...or he won't be happy! And he won't be your friend ...and he won't be nice to you ...

If the IELTS examiners are the monkeys - then you need to know what an IELTS banana looks like ... right!

The first thing to do - before you start worrying about studying grammar and vocabulary and things like that - is find out what it's all about.

IELTS speaking and writing descriptors
How can you try to get IELTS score 6.5 or IELTS band 7.5 if you don't know what it consists of?

And what is the difference between a band 6.5 or band 7.5 anyway? What extra things do you have to do? Get the idea?

Check out the IELTS band descriptors for speaking and writing and you will understand which areas you need to concentrate on to improve your score in the IELTS test.

Then you can plan to study those particular things first.

Good luck with your IELTS test!