IELTS Academic writing test | describing a graph, model text

IELTS Academic writing Task 1 model answer

The graph shows information about the income trends of four cafés over the last year.

There are two basic general trends: downward and upward. As regards the first, the earnings for the Tea Room were down over the year, falling (1)………… from almost $160,000 earnings a month to just under $50,000 in December.

By contrast, the income for the other three cafes went up by varying amounts. There was (2).......... In Café Cool’s sales over the first ten months, followed by a sudden increase to $120,000. Furthermore, the income for both Internet Express and the Wi-Fi Café (3).......... in December. The former experienced (4).......... to June, but after that, income rose (5).......... ending the year at approximately $130,000. Likewise, the trend for Wi-Fi was upward. Between January and July, earnings (6).......... from $50,000 to nearly $100,000, and (7).......... to around $190,000.

It is noticeable that the income for the Tea Room is lower in the winter months than for the other three cafés.

Try to complete the model text using the words /phrases below.

(a) steadily
(b) then rocketed
(c) doubled
(d) significantly
(e) also ended the year up
(f) a steady fall
(g) a rise

You can see the correct version here.