English Grammar | confusing verbs

English Grammar | confusing verbs

I don't know where the library is. [correct]
I don't understand where the library is. [incorrect]

Last summer I studied with you on the course. [correct]
Last summer I learned with you on the course. [incorrect]

Know is used to show that you have memorised something or that you are certain of something:
I know all of the irregular verbs.

Know describes a state, not an activity (not I am trying to know my irregular verbs.) and we cannot use it in the
continuous form (not I am knowing my irregular verbs.).

Learn describes an activity. We learn facts when we try to memorise them:
I am learning irregular verbs for the test.

We can also learn a skill:
I am learning to play the piano.

We cannot use learn by itself (not I am leaming for the test.)

Study is normally used to talk about a whole subject area rather than individual skills or facts:
My daughter is studying economics at university (not I am studying how to play the piano.).

We can use study by itself: I am studying for the test on Friday.

Note that we can say learn about but not study about:
We're learning about World War1 this semester. (not We're studying about World War1).

Take can be used in a similar way to study to refer to a subject area:
I am taking a course in marketing.

It is also used to refer to the individual subjects Within a course:
I have to take at least 3 marketing subjects to get the diploma.

Enroll is used to say that you are listed in the official records for a course:
I have just enrolled in an art course.

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