English Grammar | what is register?

English Grammar | register

This type of work attracts a greater % of men than women. [incorrect]
This type of work attracts a greater percentage of men than women. [correct]

Many old people believe that kids have too much freedom nowadays. [incorrect]
Many old people believe that children have too much freedom nowadays. [correct]

Register means using the right word in the right context. For formal essay writing, you must use a formal register. This means you should not use informal language.

You should not use:
    informal vocabulary: kids; ok; bucks; heaps. You should use a more formal equivalent instead: children; all right or acceptable; money; many or a great deal.
    symbols on their own in place of words: %; $; &; @. You should write the words in full: percent; money; and; at.

Note that % and $ should only be used with numerals. For smaller amounts we write $50 (not 50 dollars) and 75% (not 75 percent). The noun form of percent is percentage.

abbreviations: m; yrs; kgs; no. You should write these words in full: million; years; kilos/kilograms; number.

all capital letters: NOWADAYS PEOPLE THINK THAT ... You should use capital letters only when appropriate: Nowadays people think that...

Look at the following examples:
Companies waste heaps of bucks on advertising. [incorrect]
Companies waste a great deal of money on advertising. [correct]

In 1986 the % rose to 67.5. [incorrect]
In 1986 the percentage rose to 67.5. [correct]

Between the yrs 2001 and 2005, over 2m people died. [incorrect]
Between the years 2001 and 2005, over 2 million people died. [correct]

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