IELTS common mistakes | when to use the present simple tense?

The earth moves round the sun
IELTS grammar | present simple describing situations.

Nowadays, our bodies becoming 'old' much later than 100 year sago. [incorrect]
Nowadays, our bodies become 'old' much later than 100 years ago.    [correct]

Children lost their freedom if they have too many responsibilities.   [incorrect]
Children lose their freedom if they have too many responsibilities.  [correct]

Present simple tense | When to use it

• to make general statements about our world: The earth moves around the sun.

• to show a pattern or general truth: People work in order to meet their basic needs.

• with adverbs of frequency: always, usually, often, sometimes, never: People who are too lazy to walk often use their cars instead.

• with expressions such as: nowadays, these days, today (with a general meaning):
Many students today do their research via computer rather than through books.

• for verbs showing opinions or feelings, e.g. believe, think, hope: I think that we should all do as much as we can to improve our environment.

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