IELTS mistakes | choose the correct word in the text

IELTS mistakes choose the correct word in the text
Choose the correct words in the following text.

"It takes more than good qualifications to become a good teacher."

To what extent do you agree?

I had a mixture of teachers when I (1) learned / studied at school. Some were interesting and some were boring, some were (2) excellence / excellent and others were not so good. But what does it take to make a good teacher?

One of the best teachers I have ever had was when I (3) enrolled / took a course in ancient history at university. I had never been very (4) interest / interested in history before, but this teacher managed to make the classes so (5) entertainment / entertaining that it was never dull. However, there is more to being a good teacher than personality. My history teacher at school had only a limited knowledge of his subject and I don't think that we (6) knew / learned a great deal from him. It is (7) clear / clearly that good qualifications can also be important.

A good teacher needs to use their (8) imagine / imagination to create lessons that are (9) helping / helpful as well as (10) education / educational. They also need to gain the (11) respect / respectful of their students. Such teachers are usually (12) extreme / extremely popular with students. It is (13) important / importantly for teachers to be (14) genuine / genuinely interested in their students and their job in order to do it well. Perhaps there would be fewer problem students in schools if there were more 'good' teachers.