IELTS phrases with 'mind'

Here are some examples of phrases you can use in the IELTS test using the word 'mind'.

to bear in mind - to hold in one's mind; remember
Example:  Bear in mind the amount of time you need for IELTS preparation before the exam.

to broaden the mind - extend in scope
Example: Travel broadens the mind. His mind was broadened by living there for many years

to have something in mind - propose, plan, design, aim for, think, intend
Example: A: “Maybe we could celebrate after the IELTS exam.” B: “Ok, what did you have in mind?”

to have something on your mind - in one's thoughts
Example: He has had trouble sleeping recently because he’s had the IELTS test on his mind.

it slipped my mind – to forget something
Example: “I’m sorry I forgot to check my IELTS answersnbsp; - it completely slipped my mind.”

to keep / have an open mind - to wait until you know all the facts before having an opinion or making a judgment.
Example:  Even though she studied History at university, Karen is keeping an open mind as she applies for jobs in many different fields. She is examining all the options available.

mind goes blank - if you are asked a question and your mind goes blank, you cannot think of anything to say.
Example:  I was so nervous during the IELTS interview that when I was asked about my work experience, my mind went blank.

to put your mind at ease - to cause/make someone stop worrying.
Example: He chose his words carefully to put his mother's mind at ease.

Note: also used in the forms put someone's mind at rest and set someone's mind at rest:
Example: To put his mind at rest, I offered to make one final check of the equipment.

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