IELTS Band 9 Speaking Answer MP3 | Talk about a family that you liked to spend time with (other than your own family)

Talk about a family that you liked to spend time with (other than your own family). You should say:
  • who were they?
  • why did you like to spend time with them?
  • how did you meet them?

IELTS Topic Card Sample Answer

Oh that’s easy - yeah, my girlfriend’s – well ex-girlfriend’s family – they were a very big family. They were immigrants … probably three generations ago I think … and they were … they were about three generations living together, in the family home. It was, as I say, a big family – a lot of different personalities within the family, as you can imagine, the grandparents, the parents, the children etc.

I met them shortly after we met … I think a couple of months actually … and I think one of the reasons I used to enjoy spending time with them was because they were so different from any other family I’d met – maybe because of the culture – maybe because three generations living together was not common where I grew up … and one of the favorite activities I think was the lunch or the dinner at the weekend when typically all the family would come together … the grandparents, the parents, the children, the cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, husbands, wives - everybody basically, and … the food they used to prepare was amazing … like a banquet almost … and there was always a lot of alcohol - you know beer, wine, … whisky, brandy … and some of the conversations were incredibly interesting … especially the grandparents – they were very wise … and they had a lot of … a lot of good advice that was very practical and – and very up to date as well.

I think because of that I used to really enjoy those occasions when we all used to get together and see the interaction as well between the different generations. It’s … it was a very special family – and I still remember them very fondly.

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