IELTS Colombia Speaking Test Questions | What causes traffic jams?

IELTS Speaking Test Colombia | Part 1

Tell me your full name, please.
Where do you live?
How long have you been staying in that suburb?
Do you like flowers?
What purposes do people in your country use flowers for?

IELTS Speaking Test Colombia | Part 2

Talk about a vehicle that you would like to buy. Please say:
  • - What vehicle is it?
    - Why do you like it?
    - Do you intend to buy this vehicle in the future?
and explain what purpose would you use this vehicle for.

IELTS Speaking Test Colombia | Part 3

What types of vehicles do people use in your country?
What is the difference in transport between now and in the past?
What in your opinion causes traffic jams these days?
What do you think about government funding transportation projects?
What should be done by the government to improve transportation?