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What is your full name?
Pedro Ancizar Aragon

Where are you from?
I was born in Barcelona, my family is from there originally, but I have lived most of my life in Madrid.

Do you study or work?
At the moment I'm doing both. I work as a personal trainer and I'm also studying for an advanced diploma in sports therapy in my spare time.

What is your job like?
I love it! It's very interesting because I get to work with lots of different people everyday and do many different activities. I like working with people so I get a lot of personal satisfaction from my work, helping people achieve their fitness goals and improving themselves. I also have a varied work schedule which is a good thing, it doesn't get boring.

Some mornings I work in a fitness center and then I do a couple of exercise classes two evenings during the week. I also have some private clients and sometimes we do the sessions in a local gym or health center and some of them like to do their exercise session at home so I travel to their house and train with them there. Like I said, it's very varied and no two days are exactly the same.

Do you have free time?
Yes, some, but some days it doesn't feel like it. I'm very busy at the moment and most of my free time is taken up with studying for my diploma. Once I finish that in October, I'll probably have a lot more free time to do what I want.

What type of clothes do you usually wear?
More often than not I spend most days in sports clothes, they're really comfortable and easy to launder so it's great. I don't have to worry about ironing a shirt and pants to go to an office so I guess I'm really lucky because of that. When I go out I like to dress smartly, that's normally at the weekends if I go to a party or maybe a special event or something like that.

Where do you usually buy your clothes?
I usually get most of my clothes from a couple of local stores here in Madrid. I don't buy many clothes but I do like good quality. The clothes I wear everyday are much easier and cheaper to buy on the internet. There are lots of great outlets and the choice is better than in the local sports stores here.

Do you think you will still wear the same type of clothes when you get older?
I really don't know, but I suppose if I stop working as a personal trainer then I would begin to wear a different style of clothes during the day so it's maybe possible. It will depend on what I do in the future.

Do you like animals?
In general, yes, but I don't have a pet. I just wouldn't have time to look after it. My family have always kept dogs so when I was growing up I used to play with them everyday after school and take them to the park and I still enjoy doing it when I go to visit my parents at the weekend sometimes.

What are the common animals in your country?
As pets, most people have either a dog or cat I guess. If you go out into the country then you can see a lot of horses in some areas, as horseriding is very popular around here as a weekend activity during the spring and summer months especially. And if you pass by a farm then you'll see all the normal farm animals like sheep, pigs and cows and so on.

What sports do you play?
Nowadays hardly any. Because my work is mainly sports orientated and I don't usually have a lot of free time I don't play sports like I used to. When I was younger I used to play soccer and basketball at least twice a week and maybe play tennis or go swimming at the weekends. Sometimes I coach tennis during the summer at one of the local sports clubs here, so I guess you could say I'm playing sports when I'm working sometimes.

What is the most popular sport in your country?
Soccer, definitely. It's the number one sport around the world I think and here in Spain it's no different really. There are other sports that are becoming more popular, but soccer is still the most played and most popular to watch.

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