Learning English Grammar | articles a / an before noun phrases

English Grammar | how to use articles: a / an with noun phrases

The company has captured a significant share of the market. (correct)
The company has captured significant share of the market. (incorrect)

I think they are also right to certain extent. (incorrect)
I think they are also right to a certain extent. (correct)

Don’t forget to include a / an before an adjective + singular noun combination.
He clearly has a good understanding of the issues.
Many students have a part-time job while studying.

Notice the position of adverbs (very, really, quite, etc.) in these phrases:
We have a very high percentage of women working in senior government posts.
There was a really good atmosphere.
In my view this is quite a strong argument.

Some common noun phrases to be careful with:
- to a certain extent / degree: I agree with you to a certain degree.
- a wide range / variety: We have a wide range of books to choose from.
- a(n) large / small / equal number / amount: an equal number of men and women.
- a high / large /small / greater / percentage: a small proportion of patients.
- a long time: I haven’t seen her for a long time.

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