IELTS exam common spelling errors

Spelling in IELTS is important!

Some people believe that there should be more women in goverment. (incorrect)
Some people believe that there should be more women in government. (correct)

It is the responsibility of every contry to protect the environment. (incorrect)
It is the responsibility of every country to protect the environment. (correct)

Some words are spelled incorrectly because they are similar to another word:
to or too?  
I want to go to the park.
I wanted a new computer but ended up with a printer too. (= as well)

there or their?
Your book is there, on the table.(= indicate place/location)
Students must buy their books before the start of term.(= indicate possession)

though or through?
Several students chose Russian though they had never studied a language before.(conjunction = despite the fact that)
The tour guide led the group through some areas of ancient rainforest. (preposition = around, between)

Sometimes there is confusion over British and American spellings:
programme = British
program = American

In IELTS use either British or American spellings, but do not mix the two different styles:
(UK) It's my favourite colour. or: (US) It's my favorite color. (not It's my favourite color.)

The following words are also often spelled incorrectly in the IELTS exam. Pay particular attention to those with double letters: accommodation, advertisement, always, benefit, beginning, business, commercial, country, different, environment, government, nowadays, occurred, passenger, restaurant, teacher, which