Learning English Grammar | confusing nouns: advertisement, journey, travel, trip

English Grammar | confusing nouns: how to use nouns correctly

Advertising on TV is the best way of increasing your business. [correct]
Advertisement on TV is the best way of increasing your business. [incorrect]

How was your travel to Canada? [incorrect]
How was your trip to Canada? [correct]

Advertise is the verb and advertisement (it can be shortened to advert) is the noun. We can also use commercial to refer to TV advertisements:
  • I saw a really funny advertisement / commercial on TV last night.
    We use advertising to refer to the industry:
    My sister works in advertising.

We use journey or trip to talk about getting from A to B:
  • The journey / trip to Australia was really long.

Travel is a verb and an uncountable noun which refers to taking journeys in general:
  • We travelled for hours before we saw any sign of life. Air travel is very cheap these days.

Trip can also refer to a holiday or an excursion:
  • I needed a break so I decided to take a trip to the coast. (not I decided to take a travel)

We usually use youth to refer to a stage of life:
  • I did a lot of travelling in my youth.

It is rarely used to talk about people; instead, we use young person or young people.
  • It is important that young people have education and employment opportunities.

(not It is important that youth have ...)

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