IELTS common mistakes | correct the 12 vocabulary and spelling mistakes in the following text

'There is far too much advertising on TV these days.' Do you agree?

Nowdays, if you watch a programme on a commercial TV station, you should expect to watch a large number of advertising to. It seems that television advertise is the price we pay for free-to-air TV. But is this price higher than we realise? Not only are constant advertisings annoying, but they also mean that youths are being constantly told to buy things they dont need or eat things that aren't healthy. It often seems as through children are being specifically targeted by the commercial industry because they make there commercials very colorful and loud, and so even very young chlldren are attracted to them. I think it is important to realise that TV's are a very effectlve teaching tool and we should therefore take more care with how this mediulm is used.

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