Learning English Grammar | confusing nouns: journey, travel, trip

English Grammar | confusing nouns: journey, travel, trip

Complete the following text with a suitable form of journey, travel or trip.

Describe a holiday you remember well. You should say:
  • - where you went
    - how you travelled
    - what you did there
    and say why you remember it so well

One holiday I remember was a bike-riding (1)........... I took to France when I was 19. I went with a friend. First we (2).......... to London by train and then we had another train (3)......... to get to Dover, where we caught the ferry. It was a really rough crossing and my friend was sick the whole (4)......... . We had planned to spend two or three weeks (5).......... around France on our bikes and camping, but it rained constantly and after only a few days, our tents were soaking wet and we decided to go home. On the (6).......... home we felt quite disappointed, but I'll never forget that (7).......... because it was my frst holiday abroad without my parents.

[-]  Answers

  • 1: trip
  • 2: travelled
  • 3: journey
  • 4: journey
  • 5: travelling
  • 6: journey
  • 7: trip

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