IELTS Reading | Matching headings

IELTS Reading | How to answer 'match the headings' questions in IELTS Reading sections

In the IELTS Academic and General Training Reading exam, you often have to deal with this type of question where you need to choose the most suitable heading or title for a particular patagraph in the IELTS Reading text. This kind of question is commonlu known as 'match the headings', or 'matching headings'.

How to match headings in IELTS Reading test.

Here are some techniques you can use for answering 'match the headings' questions in the IELTS Reading test.
  • - Skim the text/article quickly to get a general idea of the content.

  • - Read the first paragraph/section again. What is it about?

  • - Read all the headings – and decide which ones might be suitable to describe the paragraph/section. Write the number (s) next to it. Make sure the headings you choose describe the meaning of the ‘whole paragraph/section’ and don’t just use some words from the paragraph/section.

  • - Apply the same technique with the other paragraphs/sections – remember to read all the headings for each one.

  • - Remember – each paragraph/section will have a different heading. There are usually more headings than paragraphs/sections. Review the paragraphs/sections again where you chose more than one suitable heading. Which one is most suitable?

  • - If there is an example – make sure you don’t use that same heading for another paragraph/section.