IELTS Speaking Questions And Sample Answers Audio Interview

IELTS Speaking Test Topics And Sample Answers

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1

Do you currently work or study?
Yes, I work – I work as a consultant with some companies here and also work with some private clients … doing coaching.

Did you have any hobbies when you were younger?
Hobbies – well, yes I used to collect model cars when I was a kid – well really I used to get them as a model kit and then build them – you know assembling all the parts and then painting them and all that stuff.I used to buy them in a specialist model shop and then each one would take me about a week to build and finish it off. I think I had about 120 models at one time – most of them were what you would call classic cars – you know – from the 20s and 30s.

What is your hobby now?
Now – well when I have free time nowadays I usually like to get out in the fresh air – so I love going jogging and cycling and climbing in the mountain sometimes – I spend a lot of working time sitting down – and my work is quite sedentary – you know – so when I get the chance I like to get out and do something physical to counteract that – you know try to keep a balance between work activity and free time activities.

If you were rich now, what would you want to collect?
If I were rich – well, I guess - I could collect cars again – but if I were rich I’d probably collect real cars and not models like before.

It could be interesting to collect old classic cars, and restore them if necessary. You know cars as they used to be have changed a lot over the years and soon you’ll only be able to see them in museums and such, so it might be nice to help preserve them – as they represent a really interesting time in our history from my point of view.

I think most of the modern cars lack a bit of character – ok, so they’re loaded with technology and stuff, but they just don’t have the appeal of the older cars – maybe because they’re all so similar now in terms of their design and looks etc.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

Talk about an exciting message that you have received by email or phone, please say:
- who sent it to you
- what the message was about
- who you shared it with

Ok, so about two weeks ago I got a message from an old friend of mine – it was an email – an email message - well she’s not that old – but we haven’t seen each other for a long time – about 8 years ago was the last time – we’ve kept in touch – you know - by email and videochat – but we haven’t actually seen each other – in the flesh – for a long time.

She was asking if she could come and spend her vacations with me in September – apparently she’s been working really hard recently – she manages various projects for a fashion magazine in Europe and her schedule is very hectic normally.

Well, she wanted to take a month off before starting her next contract – she also mentioned that she had recently split up from her boyfriend after being together for almost 5 years - a bit sad – but these things happen I suppose -  and she wanted to get away from it all and see something different – so she asked me if it would be ok to come and stay with me for a while.

I thought it was a great idea and told her it was ok – so hopefully in a couple of months we’ll be spending some time together and catching up on everything that ‘s been happening.

No doubt I’ll have to free up some time myself so we can go and visit some places, hang out together and probably go to the beach  – that was always a favorite pastime before.

It’ll be great to see her again after all these years – and it should be interesting so I’m really looking forward to it.

I didn’t really share the message with anyone – you know – it wasn’t the kind of message you forward to all your friends or anything like that … it wouldn’t have been interesting for them.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3

Which way do you think is easier to communicate – face to face communication or by electronic devices such as email?
I think electronic device are much easier – for me personally,  it’s the best way as most of my friends are in different countries so it allows me to keep in touch with them easily – by email or videochat or by phone sometimes – mainly by videochat though.

It’s almost as good as actually getting together – in fact we probably speak more frequently than when we lived In the same country and tried to organize seeing each other.

It’s just so easy to click and connect for 30 minutes or so and have a quick chat … before when we used to spend time together… having a beer or a coffee or something like that … each time was longer but less frequently than we chat now.

Is there any difference in the methods of communication between younger people and the elderly?
Definitely – I think older people still prefer to communicate face to face … whereas younger people find it just as easy to chat face to face or online – I think it’s the same for them – they don’t perceive it as strange or less fun doing it online,  or less personal.

I think older people seem to think that chatting online for example isn’t really the same as sharing time face to face with their friends or family.

But really in terms of conversation – you know – sharing news and things like that – it’s pretty much the same – isn’t it?

Do you think that the elderly should learn how to use electronic devices? Why?/Why not?
Should the elderly learn to use technology? – well I don’t think there’s any obligation for them to do it – why should they if they’re not interested in it – if they’re happy communicating the way they do then that’s fine isn’t it?

I guess what is happening now though is that more and more young people are moving away from home and it is definitely easier to stay in touch with family and friends by using technology – and since hardly anybody write letters anymore – or is seems like that – I personally haven’t received a letter for almost 10 years now – and I certainly haven’t written one myself recently.

Email is just so much easier, faster - instant – I think some people - older people -  adapt more easily to these things than others and maybe they reap the benefits – you know – like keeping in contact with grandchildren - things like that – being more part of things constantly  those that don’t, maybe they do miss out on some things – but I think at the end - it’s still very much a personal choice.


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