IELTS speaking test Saudi Arabia | talk about help you have provided to someone

IELTS speaking questions | describe a time when you helped someone

This sample IELTS part 2 answer is based on an IELTS speaking test question in Saudi Arabia recently.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Question

Talk about help you have provided to someone. You should say:
  • Who did you help?
  • Why did you help that person?
  • How did the person benefit from your help?

IELTS speaking test Saudi Arabia sample speaking answer

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answer

Well, someone asked me to help them with a presentation a while ago. They were going to a conference in …in fact they were not only the keynote speaker, but she was also in charge of organizing it. I think it was… yes, in Venezuela actually, and they needed some help with their presentation skills.

The presentation was about a revolutionary new surgical technique developed by this person and her colleagues. This alternative surgical process apparently solves many problems associated with older surgical techniques. Anyway, because it was an international conference she had to do her presentation in English – not her first language – so she was very nervous about it and although she had done various speeches and presentations to delegates previously, she had never done one in English.

Ok, so we spent a couple of weeks organizing the information of the presentation and working together to improve her language skills in order to present the information in the clearest possible way. As I said, this was the first time she had done a presentation in English, so we concentrated on certain useful ‘signposting phrases’- these are phrases that help orientate the listeners while they listen to the presentation.

We also spent some time practicing her pronunciation of certain words so as to avoid confusion for her audience. She made rapid progress and after a couple of weeks of intensive coaching she was able to deliver her presentation successfully and also respond to questions from the audience.

There are two main reasons why I helped her … firstly, a friend had recommended her to me, and secondly, she was doing something new for the first time, and that’s never easy, and although we are both very busy it was possible to organize our time together and spend about an hour every day working on it. As always - it was good to help someone else achieve their goals and see them make progress, so it was a very satisfying experience for me as well.

She benefited from having someone who could guide and coach her in the important parts of her presentation; optimizing some parts and simplifying others. She saved a lot of time by focusing on the important skills and not worrying about other things – and this allowed her to concentrate on other aspects of the conference, which she was responsible for organizing.