Talk About Something You Can Do To Help The Environment | IELTS Speaking Sample Answer

Talk about something you can do to help the environment IELTS speaking cue card topic question

Talk About Something You Can Do To Help The Environment IELTS Part 2 Speaking Question

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Talk about something you can do to help the environment

You should say:
  • what is it?
  • how can you do it?
  • how you would suggest to somebody to do it?

IELTS Cue Card Answer | Talk About Something You Can Do To Help The Environment

There are many things that people can do to help the environment, such as: recycling, reducing their use of energy at home and at work, reducing contamination or pollution from their cars and things like that.

Many modern cities have now introduced better public transport and implemented various programs targeting the use of private cars and commercial trucks etc. within city centres. Parking restrictions have been enforced and many cities throughout the world now restrict when you can use you car in the city centre, typically banning or prohibiting its use for one day each week. All these actions have helped reduce the amount of pollution caused within urban areas, but they have also caused problems regarding mobility for many people.

The relative difficulty of parking in some city centres now, due to the restrictions, can cause consumers to favor out of town hyper centres or large shopping malls and subsequently take business away from local stores in the centre of the city. This hurts local commerce and can also adversely affect the local economy, jobs and many other related aspects.

Personally, I love using my car because it is the most convenient method of transport for me. However, I also use my motorcycle as much as I can so as to reduce the emissions as a result of travelling and reduce my overall carbon footprint.

Due to the weather and other things it’s not always so convenient, but I probably use it at least for half of my journeys as opposed to before when I just used to use my car all the time and only used my motorcycle for pleasure, typically at the weekends.

Because inner city traffic has become heavier over the last couple of years, I find that using my motorcycle as often as possible actually saves me time each week – time I can spend doing other things, instead of being stuck in traffic.

I would encourage everyone to really think about how they travel; when and if it is really necessary. Many people cold reduce their contribution to pollution caused by private cars by simply adapting a little and considering alternatives.

It doesn’t mean that everyone has to stop using their car altogether, but for sure some days they could car-share with a colleague from work or take a bus or even work form home in some cases.

Every little contribution helps and if enough people take action then the positive effect on the environment will be even better than at the moment.

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