FREE Environmental Science Diploma Online

FREE Online Diploma in Environmental Science

Environmental science is the field of science that studies physical, chemical and biological aspects of the environment and determines solutions to environmental problems.

This free online diploma course will give learners a thorough knowledge and understanding of all aspects of environmental science and covers many topics such as:
  • understanding the earth's processes,
  • evaluating alternative energy systems,
  • pollution control and mitigation,
  • natural resource management
  • importance of global water supplies
  • effects of climate change
This course is ideal for professionals who are working in the area of environmental science, for students who wish to pursue a career in environmental science, or the individual learner who simply wants to learn how we can build a more sustainable existence on this planet.


  1. I do hope that a lot of people consider this course as we can't do it if there are only a few individuals or groups trying to make a change for the environment. we need more people to help out.


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