IELTS speaking questions | role of old people in family and society

IELTS speaking - role of old people in family
Here are some examples of various IELTS questions used in part 3 of the IELTS speaking test. They are all based on the topic of old people and their role in the family and society.

To improve your IELTS speaking skills, think about what you would say if the IELTS examiner asked you some of these questions. 

What would you say? Can you think of any examples to support your answer? Would you talk about someone from your own family or old people generally?

In your country, how are old people treated?
Do you think the way old people are treated in your country is good?
Do you think people's attitudes towards old people have changed in recent years?
How and why have they changed?
Do you think the way old people are treated will change in the future?
What do you think is the role of old people in the family today?
Has this role changed, compared to the past?
How are the views of old people different to what young people today think?
In many countries, the proportion of old people in society is increasing.
How do you think society might change in the future as a result of this trend?