New English File | Beginner Student book, workbook, 3CDs, multirom

100% New English File Beginner Student's book with CDs and MULTIROM

This excellent book has 9 units of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening practice for beginners in English. It assumes no previous knowledge and is easier for students to get started with than the New English File Elementary Student's book.

New English File Beginner Student's Book

With the New English File Beginner Student's book, students learn the basics of English grammar and vocabulary in stimulating real world scenarios and the book includes a comprehensive grammar reference section and vocabulary reference section. The 9 different units present many everyday topics and situations and help build the student's English language skills.

New English File Beginner Audio pack

The New English File Beginner CD1, New English File Beginner CD2 and New English File Beginner CD3 contain many hours of listening practice including everyday conversations and specific Beginner level pronunciation exercises. They allow students to experience different accents and learn proper English pronunciation while developing Beginner level listening comprehension skills.

New English File Beginner Workbook

The accompanying New English Beginner Workbook with answers provides 9 synchornized units of additional practice for students enabling them to consolidate the material they have seen in the New English File Beginner student's book. Each unit is based on the same topic as the studen's book but presents practice exercises using additional new material. The book comes complete with answer key so students can use it for self study and monitor their own progress.

New English File MULTIROM

The New English File Beginner MULTIROM gives beginner English students the opportunity to learn and reinforce the material through interactive activities and includes grammar, vocabulary, pronuncition and New English File Beginner video clips which support the material seen in each unit of the New English FIle Student's book. This provides a fun and stimulating way for students to develop their Beginner level English language skills.

Students who want to get started learning English, or teachers who need an introductory course at a slightly more basic level than the normal Elementary syllabus will find this New English File Beginner pack one of the best.