English listening skills | 4 easy ways to improve your English listening skills

Improve you English listening skills
Improve your English listening skills
There are many different ways to improve your English listening skills. You can:

- listen to the radio in English,
- watch videos of the daily news in English,
- listen to English Podcasts
- or watch BBC TV.

Audio books, Podcasts and Radio are great for improving your English listening skills and you can listen to them on your iPod / MP3 player, smartphone or other mobile device anywhere. 
You can listen to English while you are driving or even when you are working, depending on your job. Some people even like to listen to English when they are sleeping. This is called subliminal learning – and it does work. The important thing is to listen frequently. Try to listen for at least 30 – 60 minutes in English every day and listen to different things for variety. You will soon improve your English listening skills.

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