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TEFL - worldwide opportunities

Getting a TEFL job or Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be very rewarding and thousands of teachers have proven that you can travel the world and earn a living while doing it. If you want to take it further and make TEFL a long term career, then there are plenty of opportunities and career paths to choose from. TEFL may well be the most underrated truly global job available today for those with a spirit of adventure.

TEFL courses

So how do you get started? Simply, get yourself qualified as a TEFL or English Teacher through one of the many TEFL courses available, and then you’ll be up and running. A typical TEFL course will give you grounding in English Grammar, classroom management skills, different teaching methodologies and much more.

The TEFL course you choose should be accredited. In other words it should be ‘recognized’ internationally such as the Cambridge/RSA CELTA course or alternatively the Trinity CertTESOL. Both of these TEFL courses are acknowledged worldwide as being of a good standard and for many TEFL employers they are indeed the minimum qualifications accepted when recruiting TEFL Teachers worldwide.

You can find out more about TEFL course accreditation here.

Full-time TEFL or part-time TEFL?

One of the most popular course options is the one month full-time TEFL course. Many private language schools as well as organizations like the British Council run such TEFL courses. A good idea is to look for an organization which has membership of the Association for Accredited English Language Centres (AAELC). This type of course will normally involve all the usual theoretical elements as well as teaching practice with ‘live students’ to get you used to being in a classroom and dealing with groups of learners.

As well as intensive, full-time TEFL course options you could also consider one of the many online TEFL courses that are provided by many organizations or attend a part-time TEFL course while you are still working/studying.

Find a TEFL job

So once you’re qualified as a TEFL Teacher, you need a TEFL job. The best place to start your search for a TEFL job is on the internet. If you have an idea of which country you’d like to work in then simply Google 'TEFL + name of the country' and you should find yourself looking at various pages of TEFL job opportunities based in that country.

There are all kinds of TEFL jobs available: private language learning centres, public schools, and even corporations hire TEFL Teachers to teach their employees English. Spend some time looking at various TEFL job opportunities and get familiar with the terminology and conditions of employment being offered. Reading through a few TEFL job ads and TEFL forums will soon give you a feel for it.

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