IELTS Fluency And Coherence Band Descriptors | How is IELTS speaking graded?

How is IELTS speaking graded?

Improve your IELTS speaking performance by watching this short video which explains some of the imprortant points to remember in the IELTS speaking test.

This video focuses on 'fluency and coherence'. It is important that you understand what 'fluency' and 'coherence' includes in order to maximize your IELTS speaking score.

Practice using these IELTS speaking techniques until you can do them automatically and you feel comfortable using them. Constant practice is the best way to improve your fluency and the 'thinking in Englih' process which is essential to develop good communication skills.

The IELTS speaking test band descriptors can help you improve your IELTS speaking performance. Understanding the IELTS speaking band descriptors will allow you to concentrate on the important aspects of speaking to move up a band or more in IELTS speaking.

Check out the IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors to learn about the different IELTS bands and what is important to include in your IELTS Speaking and how the IELTS Speaking examiner will grade your speaking.

IELTS speaking band descriptors can help you

  • learn what the IELTS examiner is looking for in your IELTS speaking interview
  • know the difference bewteen IELTS Speaking Band 6 and Band 7
  • understand what you need to practice to improve your IELTS Speaking score

Good luck with your IELTS!