New IELTS test center approved at Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University

HBMeU has announced that the ELC (English Language Center) has now been awarded the status of approved IELTS Test Centre, which will permit external students and IELTS candidates to sit the IELTS test on campus.

It was reported that this achievement is part of a continuing effort to improve the students learning process and provide a genuine comprehensive environment in which to learn.

The university wants to make sure that all learners are equipped with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will lead to their success as professionals in their field of study and future careers. The accreditation of the university as an IELTS Test Center is one more step towards the goal of attaining broad recognition for their intensive English courses.

HBMeU was established as an e-learning institute with a vision of developing and implementing a new learning experience founded on flexibility, quality and diversity in order to encourage self-leadership among students and sound preparation, both socially and academically, focused on their future professional careers.
Candidates for the IELTS test who wish to take the test at HBMeU should check out their web page