TEFL Courses | EDI CertTEFL new CELTA level qualification

Cambridge RSA CELTA, Trinity cert TESOL or EDI CertTEFL?

A new flexible TEFL course is now available that will take on the more established CELTA and Trinity Cert TESOL courses. The course is accredited by the UK Government and it includes 120 hours of study as well as teaching practice sessions for people wanting to become TEFL Teachers.

If you are looking to get qualified as a TEFL teacher you will be interested in this flexible TEFL course which allows you to not only control your pace of study, but also gives you teaching practice opportunities with real language students. This makes it quite unique among the many TEFL courses available today. If you are successful you will be awarded the EDI CertTEFL qualification.

This new flexible course covers all the basics of TEFL and provides you with a real alternative to the traditional full-time CELTA and Trinity Cert TESOL courses. The EDI CertTEFL course consists of 120 hours of online study plus 20 hours classroom time at weekends. This is then followed by six sessions where you will put everything you have learned into practice while teaching real English learners and being observed by course tutors.

The TEFL course syllabus was developed by EDI and accredited independently as a Level 5 qualification by the UK Government. The TEFL course is available in the UK, Ireland and Australia at the moment. The online study offers you maximum flexibility so you can participate in the course without disrupting your normal work or study commitments. The TEFL course also gives you six hours of real teaching practice with English language students.

TEFL course summary

  • - Based on syllabus developed by EDI
  • - The EDI CertTEFL is a UK Government accredited level 5 qualification (same as CELTA and Trinity courses)
  • - British Council recognized for teaching TEFL in UK
  • - Total of 140 hours of TEFL training
  • - Experience with real English learners in a classroom
  • - Observed teaching practice sessions
  • - Written assignments
  • - Full training on lesson planning

If you are interested in becoming a TEFL teacher, then check out more information about this TEFL course here: http://www.onlinetefl.com/edi