IELTS USA expanding | IELTS test center network in USA

The IELTS USA testing network is continuing to grow rapidly with new IELTS test center facilities in the cities of Blacksburg, VA, DeKalb, IL and Montgomery, AL also now offering the IELTS test in the USA.

IELTS is the top English language proficiency test used by many institutions and educational establishments as part of their entry process to higher education for non native English speaking students, as well as being used as part of many migration procedures.

IELTS Test Centers in USA

There are now several IELTS test centers available at various U.S. educational establishments including community colleges, universities and English as a Second Language institutions. In the USA there are now a total of 29 different states offering over 50 IELTS USA testing centers to choose from.

IELTS is a global English language proficiency test and some 1.7 million people took the IELTS test last year round the world in 130 different countries. IELTS has a worldwide network of over 800 IELTS test centers and it is still growing, driven by the ever increasing number of IELTS candidates applying for both educational programs abroad and also migration.

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