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IELTS Listening and Reading Practice | The Environment & Technology | Producing Energy from Waste

What do you say when you are asked in the IELTS exam for your opinion about alternative energy and environmental issues?

Waste management is a growing industry which is now developing quite innovative methods of recycling and generating energy from rubbish and waste. Traditional landfill waste sites are quickly becoming problematic because of the land area required and the management resources needed to run them, not to mention the risk of gases and vermin which they can produce.

As a response to this, incineration plants are being looked at again as an alternative method of dealing with waste disposal. Previously frowned upon, incineration plants have come a long way thanks to new technology being used which makes them more attractive and can extract useful and reusable energy from waste.

Read and listen to an interesting article which describes some of the technology used to obtain energy from waste and help reduce pollution in the environment.

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