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Healthcare in the 21st century

Overview: Advances in healthcare and an aging population in many countries may mean that the doctor who has been the traditional centre pin of healthcare for over a century may well find their role in the future changing.

An increased demand for healthcare worldwide and a growing elderly population looking to receive more healthcare in the comfort of their own home mean that new ways of meeting this growing demand for delivering healthcare will have to be found.

There are various problems to be overcome, especially in developing countries. There is a shortage of doctors in many countries and the advances in medical technology mean that there are now some serious alternatives to the well known doctor based diagnosis and treatment formula which are being considered as a way forward for the future.


Use this listening and reading resource to help build your topic vocabulary for TOEFL IELTS CAE PTE and other high level English proficiency tests.

Listen carefully to the pronunciation as it is a good model for any new vocabulary you might come across in the text. As a follow up excercise, and to help you recycle new vocabulary you have learned, try writing a brief summary (in your own words) of what you can remember from the listening and text and try to include the new vocabulary in your summary.