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IELTS speaking skills | IELTS speaking topics with answers

Many IELTS candidates have problems with some of the IELTS speaking topics when they are preparing for the IELTS speaking test.

This may be because some of the questions ask about things which are not familiar to them, or they have just never considered the topic before, and so are not sure what to say.

IELTS speaking topics and answers | Practice your answers

By reading through some of IELTS speaking topics with answers IELTS candidates can get an idea of the common IELTS speaking topics and practice forming their own answers for such questions.

This process of planning your answer, thinking about things that you could say is a very important of IELTS speaking preparation because it means that when you come to do the IELTS speaking test you will be used to the process of thinking fast in English and will feel confident respponding to many different IELTS speaking topics.

IELTS speaking topics | Ideas about what to say in your answers

This IELTS speaking topics with answers book (download below) can help you with ideas about what you can say or important things to include in your response.

It can help you plan and prepare some ideas in your own mind about several common IELTS speaking topics, and make you feel more confident about speaking in English.

When you know what you want to say, it is much easier. Many IELTS candidates have a good level of English but they get stuck on ideas because of the pressure of the moment, or the topic is not so well known to them.

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