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IELTS app for Android | British Council Word Power

Android IELTS app
This IELTS app for Android has been developed by the British Council for all IELTS candidates who are preparing for the IELTS test. It provides more than 100 different questions in an easy to see, scrolling screen format and includes listening applications to allow IELTS candidates to practice and expand their vocabulary related to the IELTS exam. A variety of different question types are presented to help candidates learn new IELTS vocabulary and the app helps IELTS candidates to become familiar with typical IELTS exam tasks. The IELTS app for Android also shows IELTS candidates where their local IELTS exam centre is.

IELTS vocabulary | Easy with IELTS app for Android

The IELTS test requires candidates to demonstrate the use of an extensive and varied vocabulary in order to obtain a good score such as an IELTS band 7.5 or IELTS band 8. An excellent understanding of vocabulary is essential to perform really well in the demanding IELTS listening and IELTS Academic reading sections in particular. The IELTS app for Android helps candidates learn more than 4,000 essential IELTS topic related vocabulary words by presenting them in typical IELTS questions contexts such as travel, learning English, work and business, environment, culture, mass media and health, among others.

Word Power | IELTS success in your hand

The Word Power IELTS app for Android [requires version 1.5 or later] was released by the British Council on 2 September 2012. It is compact at 1.4Mb and is completely free. You can access and download the IELTS app for Android by simply tapping the ‘market’ icon on your android phone or tablet, then enter IELTS Word Power in the search function and finally click install. The app will install automatically on your device and you can immediately begin improving your IELTS vocabulary. Currently the Word Power IELTS app for Android has a 4.5 star rating from users.

IELTS apps | IELTS preparation anywhere

Everybody is busy nowadays, and many IELTS candidates don’t have much time for IELTS exam preparation, so the opportunity to be able to increase and improve your IELTS vocabulary through your android phone or tablet gives the advantage that you can do it anywhere and at any time. One of the important things when learning IELTS vocabulary is seeing the new vocabulary in context and seeing it frequently until it becomes part of your own everyday vocabulary. Apps like the Word Power IELTS app for Android and the Cambridge IELTS Trainer 7 for iPhone and iPad now make it possible for you to learn, check, and review your new IELTS vocabulary easily and frequently and therefore increase your chances of remembering it when you want to use it.


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