IELTS Speaking | Health and Diet Vocabulary

Health and Diet Vocabulary

Here are some examples of things you can say about health and diet.

There are many overweight people nowadays.

Obesity has become the biggest medicl problem this century.

There are hundreds of people who suffer from some kind of eating disorder.

It is essential to get all the required nutrients for a healthy body.

A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for general wellbeing.

Overeating has become a common problem and can lead to obesity.

Healthy ingredients make a much better balanced diet for you daily meals.

There are various different types of allergy that people can suffer from.

Highly processed food contains many artificial additives whcih are bad for your body.

Many people take vitamins or vitamin supplements every day as apart of a healthy lifestyle.

Diabetes can be caused by being overweight and having high blood sugar levels.

Many more peopla have become interested in health and fitness in the last few years.

If you eat too much, then you will probably put on weight.

Millions of people every year try to lose weight.

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