IELTS describing a process | how to tie a tie

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IELTS Describing a process

Learn how to describe a process for the IELTS test by using accurate instructions and exact vocabulary. By learning to explain things clearly yourself, you can help improve your score in the IELTS Writing test, as well as improving your reading, listening and speaking skills at the same time.

Being able to explain or describing a process, events, actions or things that happened/are happening well and in a clear manner is definately one of the skills that can improve your IELTS score. Describing a process, whether you have to describe an industrial/commercial process or maybe a festival/celebration, how something works, or what happened in a series of events requires good vocabulary and the ability to organize your ideas so that the listener/reader can get a clear picture in their mind of what you are saying.

The better your explanation - the easier it is for the listener/reader to understand, and the less likley it is that there is any misunderstanding.

Practising describing a process or similar routine actions can help you develop essential vocabulary and grammar structures and  make you a better and more effective communicator in English. There are many videos similar to this one which you can use to learn everyday English vocabulary, which will make you more fluent and easier to understand and make it easier for you to understand other people speaking in English. Constant practice will help to improve your IELTS score and also help you after the IELTS exam whenever you have to communicate in English.

It is worth spending a few minutes every day just to try and learn new vocabulary and develop your skills for explaining things in English. In many academic courses or work situations, describing a process or explaining something in great detail is an essential skill, but you need to specifically practise this skill if you want to improve and become better at speaking and understanding English, not just for describing a process in the IELTS Writing test, but for real life.