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IELTS Grammar Review | Present Simple

Present Simple

Here are some typical uses and examples showing how we form the present simple tense in English grammar.

Present Simple for permanent or long-lasting situations

The IELTS exam has four different sections.
Over 1.5 million people take the IELTS exam every year.
IELTS is administered by the British Council, IDP Australia and Cambridge University.

Present Simple for regular habits and daily routines

IELTS exams are usually on Saturdays, in the morning.
She studies for her IELTS exam every evening after work.
When are the IELTS test results available?

Present Simple for facts

You need IELTS to study at a University in the UK.
What does 'Band 9' mean in IELTS?
There isn't any extra time to transfer answers at the end of the IELTS Reading exam.

Present Simple for feelings

I hate having to prepare for IELTS.
She loves learning new expressions she can use in her IELTS writing.
Why are you worried? I don't want to fail my IELTS exam!

Present Simple for opinions and states of mind

He doesn't agree with the IELTS score he received.
I think he is a wonderful IELTS student.
What do you think is you biggest problem in the IELTS preparation course?

Presetn Simple for schedules & Timetables

The IELTS exam starts at 9am.
When do the IELTS courses begin this year?
The IELTS results aren't released until 13 days after the test.

Some of the most common time expressions used with 'present simple' are:
always, usually, often, sometimes, at weekends (on weekends in American English), on Saturdays, occasionaly, rarely, seldom, never


In the positive form add an 's' to the base form of the 3rd person singular. If the verb ends in -y preceded by a consonant, change the -y to -ies.
I, You, We, They / study for IELTS every day.
He, She, It - studies for the IELTS test in the evening.

Conjugate the helping verb 'do' not (don't and doesn't) the base form of the verb to make negatives.
I, You, We, They - don't enjoy doing the IELTS Speaking interview.
He, She, It - doesn't need to do the IELTS exam.

Conjugate the helping verb 'do' (do or does) the base form of the verb in question forms.
Do / I, you, we, they / need help with IELTS?
Does / he, she, it / need help preparing for the IELTS test?

Present Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect
Past Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Simple or Past Perfect Continuous
Future - will
Future - going to

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