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How to design apps

The iPhone 5 just came out.You have a great idea for an app. And just imagine how good your app would look on the iPhone 5. But how are you going to bring your app to life? Most of the books and tutorials you’ve read assume you’ve been programming for years, and the others are so boring that you couldn’t keep your eyes open past page ten. There’s no need to give up your ambitions. You can build an app that people will actually want to use.  

The course “Xcode fundamentals: Designing User Experience for iOS” will teach you to create apps quickly. What’s even better, this class doesn’t just focus on coding. It teaches you how to design an app that looks as good as it works, because in the world of mobile – people do judge a book, err, app by its cover. You will learn the details of Xcode, the steps to get it to the app store and in the hands of your adoring public as soon as possible.

“Xcode fundamentals: Designing User Experience for iOS” was created for beginners, not programming pros. It starts from scratch with simple to follow content. It includes over seven hours of content that walks you through the development process, prototyping, designing apps and much more.

So - what are you waiting for? Start turning your app idea into a reality today.