FREE social media online course

FREE Online Social Media Course

Online education is booming and set to continue growing as more and more online education providers enter the market and traditional educators incorporate virtual classrooms and courses into their curriculum.

Edmodo the online education platform, started in 2008, now connects more than 12,500,000 students and teachers through their social media style education platform. Overall enrolments in online courses in the USA grew by 10% last year while the growth rate for higher education in general was only 2%. More than 6 million students took an online course during the second half of last year alone, the highest number yet.

Edmodo for social media

Connecting students with teachers, Edmodo uses the appeal of social media to enhance the traditional classroom learning experience. This free Edmodo for social media online course will take you step by step through the Edmodo platform and show you how easy it is to set up a group and send invitations for students to join it as well as how to create a centralized library of resource material that can be accessed by groups.

Educational social media for teachers and students

Edmodo is extremely popular with students due to its very familiar social media interface structure which resembles other popular social media platforms they already use in their daily lives. Common features such as updates, posting and uploading documents require just a few simple clicks.

The Edmodo for social media online course covers the differences between the teacher’s view of the platform and the student’s and the differences in functionality between the two sides of the platform. Admin tasks such as group closure, restrictions, and email notification management are also dealt with.

Find out how to socialize your online education

This Edmodo for social media online course shows teachers and trainers just how easy it is to incorporate social media functionality into their educational environments, and is sure to be popular with students thanks to its familiar social media features and functionality.


  1. Online education is really big today. Lots on colleges and universities are even offering ?free online courses.


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