IELTS Vietnam | New horizons for the future

Learning English and success in IELTS - a long term plan

Learning a foreign language is a long term plan, especially if you need to achieve a good level in the IELTS test. Having a long-term plan and being skilled in implementing it will improve confidence and your chances of success in the IELTS test. Each version of the IELTS test, Academic or General Training, has a different purpose; the IELTS test measures proficiency in English for the purpose of studying or working abroad. But both versions offer one thing that every young person in Vietnam can understand, and that is a new horizon and new opportunities for the future.

One Vietnamese graduate tells his story: “When I was a student the importance of the English language was downplayed so I just achieved the required certificate as a mandatory condition of school graduation. When I started working, I immediately encountered many difficulties in the process of language exchange with foreign partners, and so began to invest in learning English, but it seemed to be a very difficult thing and too hard for a workaholic as I had a burning desire to get rich. During any free time I had at the agency where I was working, I started planning my dream of the future, which was to work in large corporations or multinational companies.

A paradox posed by this plan was that my English language skills had not improved. To be employed in management-level positions in large companies and especially multi-national companies, they always require talented candidates with good English proficiency as well as thought leadership because many such companies are foreign and use English in their daily communication. I hadn’t realized how long it takes to develop really good English language skills and now it seems I’m losing a lot of great opportunities for my future development because of this.”

Some local companies support their employees in learning English as they know how important it can be, both for the company and the employee’s future. However, it is not cheap because of how long it takes to develop a good level of English proficiency and become fluent in communication.

Currently, in almost all the universities and colleges, students are required to sit the English TOEIC exam, but in reality to get a good position after graduation students often need an even higher level of English. For those who are oriented towards further study or study abroad, achieving success in the IELTS test is really essential. Success in the IELTS test means many possible opportunities both in Vietnam and other countries which is something that most young people dream of for their future.