Online IELTS Listening Practice | Sentence completion and multiple choice

IELTS Listening Practice | Sentence Completion & Multiple Choice Questions

Watch the video and then complete the questions below:

Inventing is the easy part

Questions 1-5

Sentence completion:

Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

1.   Two billion of the poorest people do all of their cooking with __________.
2.   __________ of the population in Haiti lives in energy poverty.
3.   The lack of trees means that the country can't absorb heavy __________ and massive __________.
4.   It takes __________ three months to payback the cost of a solar LED lightbulb.
5.   At night, the speaker used to talk to __________ about purchasing LED lamps.

Questions 6-10

Multiple Choice:

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

6.   What was the lesson the speaker learned in Haiti?

A   Better access to technology products would solve energy poverty
B   Technology products were not going to end energy poverty
C   Physical access is more expensive than financial access

7.   What is it impossible for people living in rural communities to do?

A   Buy electric wire
B   Reach a major centre of commerce
C   Order something from

8.   Which TWO things are widely available in the country?

A   Telecommunications and wire
B   Kerosene and charcoal
C   Clean energy products and technology

9.   What does not exist in Haiti?

A   Distribution models
B   Subsidies
C   Micro-finance

10.  Which TWO things are important to solve the problem of energy poverty?

A   Financial access and distribution models
B   Consumer credit and centres of commerce
C   Bloomingdale's and rural sales agents

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