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New IELTS Online Program Makes IELTS Preparation Easier

Candidates wanting to take the global International English Language Testing System (IELTS) will soon find it easier thanks to the British Council which launched Road to IELTS, an online IELTS preparation program with 30 hours of IELTS preparation resources to help prospective candidates in their preparation for the IELTS exam. Paul Sellers, a British Council director for South India, announced the launch of the Road to IELTS recently.

The online IELTS application features helpful videos by British Council IELTS experts offering IELTS candidates tips and advice, four special e-books, 300 interactive IELTS activities for practice, and mock IELTS exams. One of the main reasons the British Council decided to introduce the Road to IELTS online application was because of the increase in candidates sitting the IELTS exam.

“The education sector in India is growing at a fast rate and also other countries are really opening up to students from India. Which is one of the reasons why we came up with Road to IELTS. The number of students who took the exam from last year increased by 20%,”

reported Keshav Sreedharan, who is Head of Examination Services for the British Council in South India.

Paul Sellers also commented on the fact that more candidates in India are learning the English language.

“People’s aspirations for better employment in India have grown and there are a lot of institutes right here in the country, such as the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the IITs that are competing on a world stage. In fact, we are eager to foster more collaboration between Indian institutes and British universities,” said Sellers.

He also went on to say that while Europe's economy has been far from stable recently, many students from India still choose to study there as well as other destinations abroad.

“More students are looking for good quality education and want to come back to India seeking better employment. Students who want to work abroad are actually decreasing. Also, now you have better employment opportunities right here in India,” he added.

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