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Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs in Italy

There are many study abroad programs based in Italy. It is a fantastic opportunity to study and immerse yourself in the culture of a country that was once the center of the Roman Empire and is home to many famous landmarks such as the leaning tower of Pisa, the Vatican City and the Coliseum. Italy is also famous worldwide for its excellent cuisine, art and cultural traditions.

Italy is a superb destination for study abroad programs either to study the Italian language or follow academic courses in English at an Italian university. It provides a truly international educational experience, an experience of a lifetime. Many study abroad programs in Italy include enrollment in university, accommodation, cultural excursions, cultural events, sightseeing tours and everything you could want while staying in Italy. Learning Italian or studying your chosen academic course in Italy while earning credits for college can be an unforgettable experience.

Land of food, philosophy and olives

Italy is recognized the world over for its irresistible cuisine, in particular its many and varied pasta dishes as well as its famous pizza recipes. Many famous philosophers have resided in Italy throughout history such as Machiavelli and Aquinas to name but two. Spending time in a café soaking up the local culture while enjoying a cup of real Italian coffee can be an extremely pleasant way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.

The Italian countryside is full of olive groves and winding streams, and mountains in the north of Italy. The Mediterranean climate makes the weather as warm as the welcome you will receive from the locals, famed for their hospitality. Regardless of whether you spend a month learning Italian or a full semester you will undoubtedly take away memories that will last a lifetime and come to understand why Italy has so influenced many aspects of western civilization.

Study abroad programs in Florence

Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, is a delight for the senses. It is an exquisite city full of architectural and cultural history. It has a lively feel to it and is a popular destination for foreign students from all over the world. It has in fact been one of the top international study abroad destinations in recent years. Florence offers summer, semester, and full academic year options for international students in both Italian and English based courses. Being based in Florence you will have opportunity to take advantage of cultural trips and excursions to explore Rome as well as the secluded beaches of Cinque Terre. Not to mention soaking up the culture of daily life in a dynamic and historically important city.

Study abroad programs in Italy offer an amazing opportunity to broaden your horizons and experience a different way of life, as well as steeping yourself in the language, the culture and history of one of the most famous and influential countries in the history of the world.

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