Cambridge Advanced Speaking Sample Questions

CAE Speaking Test Questions

In the interview, you will be examined by two examiners. One is known as the interlocutor, who is the person who will set the tasks and give you the opportunity to show how well you can speak. The other is the assessor, who will only join in during part of the interview, but who helps decide on the final marks to give you.

In the first part of the speaking test you will have a conversation with another candidate and the examiner. If you do not already know the other candidate, you will probably be asked to find out about him or her.

You are expected to ask each other questions about your families, what you do, your interests, why you are learning English, your plans for the future, etc.

The other questions you will be asked depend on whether you are in the UK or in your own country.

Here are some Cambrideg Advanced Speaking questions the examiner may ask you

  • Good morning, my name is [interlocutor's name] and this is [assessor's name]
  • What are your names?
  • We’d like to find out about you. Do you know each other?

If you now each other, the examiner may continue like this:

  • So, perhaps you can tell us about candidate B.
  • Where’s he/she from? What does he/she like doing in his/her free time?
  • And would you like to tell us something about candidate A, please? How long have you known each other? What do you know about each other’s country?

If you don’t know each other, the examiner may continue like this:

  • Perhaps you can tell each other where you’re from, what you do, what you like doing in your free time, and so on.
  • Why are you studying English? Do you need English for work?

The aim of this part of the CAE speaking test is to judge your conversation ability. It is therefore important to listen to the other people and respond to them as it is to talk about yourself. Remember, in conversation, everybody should have a chance to speak.

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