English Vocabulary in Use with Answers

English Vocabulary in Use Basic with Answers

This excellent book comes with 24 units of basic English vocabulary with many illustrations and practice exercises (and answers) so students can check their own progress. It comes complete with audio MP3 so that English students can hear examples of sentences and phrases using the vocabulary in the book. This Basic English Vocabulary book and audio is an excellent learning resource for Beginner level English students.

English Vocabulary in Use Elementary with Answers

The latest version of the very successful English Vocabulary in Use Elementary practice book. If you are self-studying or taking an English class, English Vocabulary in Use Elementary contains all the vocabulary and phrases for Elementary level so you can understand other people speaking English and also the vocabulary you need to speak about everyday situations in English.

The book has been completely updated and comes with the English Vocabulary in Use Elementary CDROM. The content of the English Vocabulary in Use CDROM includes many vocabulary practice exercises and interactive games which provide additional practice for each unit of the book, audio recordings for each unit, personalized tests and an integrated dictionary. There is even the opportunity to record your pronunciation and listen to yourself. This is an excellent resource pack for Elementary English level students.

English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate with Answers

The new version of the English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate book is a best seller for English language students. It is ideal for self-study or using in the English classroom. It covers all the common English vocabulary and phrases for Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels so students can learn essential expressions to communicate well and understand English easily.

This edition of English in Use Pre-intermediate & Intermediate has a CDROM which offers hundreds of English vocabulary practice activities and also an integrated English dictionary and interactive English vocabulary games.

English Vocabulary in Use Upper Intermediate with Answers

For English students who want to develop and build their English vocabulary at Upper-Intermediate level this, English Vocabulary in Use Upper-Intermediate is an excellent book which covers more than 2,000 new English words and expressions in English and shown in normal everyday contexts appropriate for Upper-Intermediate level. All the vocabulary is up-to-date and carefully selected to reflects how English vocabulary is used today. English Vocabulary in Use Upper-Intermediate is a great resource for students for self-study because it comes with answers.

English Vocabulary in Use Advanced with Answers

This is the final book in the English Vocabulary in Use series and students can use it for self-study or as part of their English coursework. It comes with answers and a CDROM which provides many new English vocabulary exercises which are based on the content of the book. Students can use the CDROM with or without the English Vocabulary in Use book. The CDROM has an integral English dictionary, tests, audio exercises and progress checks. it is ideal for and English student self-studying at Advanced level and can help develop excellent vocabulary skills to improve both communication and understanding in English.


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