IELTS speaking questions USA

IELTS USA | Sample Speaking Interview Questions

These IELTS speaking questions are based on a recent IELTS speaking interview in the USA.

IELTS Speaking Test USA | Part 1 Questions

Where are you from?
What is your full name?
What should I call you?
Can I see your ID?
Are you currently working or studying?
What are your responsibilities at work?
Do you enjoy doing your current job? (Why?/ Why not?)
Do you like flowers?
Why do you like / dislike flowers?
In your country, when do people give flowers to others?
Is there any festival in your country involving the use of flowers?

IELTS Speaking Test USA | Part 2 Questions

Describe a successful company that you know. Please say:
- How did you hear about the company?
- How did this company become successful?
- What is your opinion about the company?

IELTS Speaking Test USA | Part 3 Discussion Questions

In your opinion what is better: working for someone and having a boss above you, or having your own business and managing it yourself?
Which aspects of a company do you think make it successful?
Why do you think some companies are much more successful than others?