How Can I Improve My English For IELTS?

IELTS Speaking - How to Improve Your English And Prepare For IELTS

One of the important criteria for the IELTS speaking test (there are 4 in total) is 'lexical resource'.

What does this mean? It is basically how varied your English vocabulary is and how well you can use it.

If you have a good range of vocabulary and know how to use it in context correctly, you will get a higher overall speaking score in the IELTS speaking test.

Some areas to focus on when you are preparing for the IELTS speaking exam are:
  • - collocation - this is using the the right words together, like native speakers do.
  • - connotation - does a word have a positive, negative or neutral meaning?
  • - being ale to use less common vocabulary and topic specific vocabulary
  • - learning synonyms.
  • - practise speaking about or discussing different topics.

How can I learn English collocation?

The best way is to do a lot of reading in English and listening to English. When people write and speak, they use words in groups and phrases, which are natural for the. With experience you will begin to recognize these and use them yourself.

How can I learn English connotation?

You can use a dictionary or thesaurus. If you practice reading in English and listening in English you will also be able to see from the context, and sometimes hear how the poel say certain words, and understand if they are expressing something positive or negative.

How can I learn less common English vocabulary?

Read and listen as much as you can to English. Read the types of articles and texts you will see in the IELTS test. Doing this will allow you to become familiar with common vocabulary related to a specific topic, and will help you learn collocation and connotation too.

Why are English synonyms important?

They can help exapnd your vocabulary and help with paraphrasing. What is paraphrasing? This is when you can't remember the exact word you want to use and use other words to describe what you want to say.

How can I practise my English speaking?

Speaking practice is very important. If you dont have any English speaking friends ... how can you do this? You can practise by recording yourself speaking about a topic. Then listen to yourself. You can read an article and then try to make an oral summary of the ideas. Some students even talk to a mirror so it feels like they are having a conversation. Experiment, try different techniques - but practise, practise,practise! You can practise giving answers to some typical IELTS speaking test questions.